My Chicken with spring vegetables and Uncle Ben’s Flavor Influsions Rice in Chicken and Herbs Dinner.

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First I prep and season chicken with

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 Tbs onion powder

1 Tbs garlic Powder

Some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some Holland House White Cooking wine.

Let marinate over night.

To Start Cooking:

First in a pot make base bouillon with One package of Goya Salad and Vegetable and One of Cubitos con sabor a pollo in 2-3 cups of water. Put on a low simmer for about 10-15 mins. 

Then Sear both sides of the chicken for about 5 mins

Then remove chicken from oven safe pan and put to aside.

Add Bouillion mix to pan and wisk.

Put chicken back in pan.

Make sure the Bouillion slightly covers the chicken

Bring to a boil then lower heat to low.

Place lid , half on and slow cook for 2 hrs.

Add more Bouillion while cooking if needed.

When 2hrs is almost over start:

sautéing the onions and mushrooms.

At the same time start the Uncle Ben’s rice, follow package directions.

Now start the cooking the frozen mix vegetables.

Add all the sauted onions and mushrooms and fully cooked mixed vegetables to the rice.

Serve the Chicken and spring vegetables.

bon appétit!!

My Review:

My family loved Uncle Ben’s rice! I am so Happy that I received my sample free from in my #voxbox . It was easy and quick to cook. I will repurchase this product and recommend this to my friends.